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Founded in 1993, LaBan Foods is an innovative producer of butter specialties, which also takes pride in the fact that it is the market leader in the herb butter segment.

How it all started

Similarly to many other companies in our region, we were initially involved in the cheese trade. Our continuous attention to the adaptation and innovation of our product range led to the inclusion of herb butter. We then proceeded to carry out numerous small-scale trials in close consultation with our customers, aimed at continuous product improvement. This ultimately resulted in the perfection of a delicious, high-quality herb butter: the launch of LaBan Foods.

The sale of herb butter soon proved so successful, that we decided to abandon our roots and focus entirely on the production and sale of herb butter from 1993. Our product range has since been expanded beyond solely herb butter, to include other butter specialities and flavoured varieties.

Nowadays, our various products are manufactured in a modern production plant, which fills several thousand packages on a daily basis, before dispatching them to customers. 

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